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We specialize in creating and delivering cross-platform Flutter applications, what allows you to start on any platform while developing just one app

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Reduced costs, two mobile applications

Flutter, Google's software development kit (SDK), empowers developers to create cross-platform applications using a unified codebase. By utilizing this SDK, you can achieve more while investing less. A single Flutter developer can build a comprehensive solution for both iOS and Android mobile platforms, as well as the frontend for web applications.

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Flutter is Google’s SDK that lets developers build cross-platform apps with a single codebase


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Hasten your product launch with Flutter

Qt is a popular cross-platform framework for building desktop, mobile, and embedded applications. It offers libraries, tools, and UI components for creating visually appealing and interactive interfaces. QML is a declarative language used with Qt for designing interfaces with fluid animations and dynamic behavior. Together, they create a powerful combination for developing modern software applications

Business benefits

Quicker time to market

Fewer resources spent to validate ideas

MVP development goes faster

Native-like app experience for users

Beautiful User Interface on any screen

Tech benefits

Impressive performance

Approximately 50% less time on testing

One codebase for iOS and Android apps

Support for Apple and Google design guidelines

Faster production of new features

One Flutter dev equals Two native devs

Optimize your team in an effective way

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Leading rating & review platforms rank SmartTech among top software development companies due to our tech assistance in clients' digital transformation


What our clients say about us

Chris Kerber
Product Manager, Telecom firm

Smart Tech LLC completed the project on time and met all milestones. By managing through a single resource, the team offered a personal touch when solving the client's needs. Moreover, Smart Tech LLC communicated transparently and was highly attentive and responsive throughout the process.

Oleg B.
Product Manager, Iteora Media UG

We brought Smart Tech LLC team a few general ideas and their developers took that and transformed it into a fully working app. They successfully finalized the development & published the app for us as well.

Vishvas K.
Principle Cloud Architect, Software Development Company

SmartTech delivered a functional application on time. They showed a willingness in understanding the project and providing the right solutions. Virtual meetings and regular email updates ensured a smooth workflow. The team's commitment to the work was commendable.

Eliezer Mwangi
Business development Manager, Zohari Credit Limited

Working with Smart Tech for our mobile app development was an outstanding experience from start to finish. They truly proved themselves as the go-to experts for innovative and reimagined computing platforms. We, at Zohari Credit Limited, couldn't be happier with the results they delivered.

Founder, AmneziaVPN

SmartTech's work is met with positive acclaim thanks to their consistent and cost-effective approach. The team is highly efficient from a project management standpoint, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the vendor's quality of developers.

CEO, Agricultural Intelligence & Data Provider

As an agricultural intelligence and data provider, we collaborated with SmartTech to help them optimize their Android mobile app. SmartTech performed code reviews and improved the app's loading time, among other things. SmartTech showcase good project management.

Michael C.
Director of Purchasing, M.J. Kellner Foodservice

Thanks to their new user-friendly and convenient app, the client saw an increase in customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and sales. Smart Tech LLC set clear milestones and stuck to the timelines. Moreover, they were responsive, quick, understanding, and committed to delivering quality work.

Ahmed Miasser
IT Director, Banking Services Company

The project was successful, and the client was happy with the app's features. Smart Tech LLC delivered all agreed milestones within the timeline. The team was quick in their responses, efficient, and communicative. Their professionalism and responsiveness to the client's needs stood out.

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