Enhancing AgroTech provider's Mobile and Web Applications: A Performance and Usability Overhaul

How we helped to improve, refactor & optimize the whole agricultural solution for both mobile & cloud apps to manage better their farms and optimize their production levels.

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Alex kozhevnikov

What does the company do

Agrotech Company, a prominent player in the tech industry, has embarked on a transformative journey to optimize its mobile and web applications.

Point A

What did they come to us with

The primary objectives of this project are to elevate performance, streamline functionality, and enrich user experiences across these platforms. By revamping both the backend and frontend, Agrotech Company aims to provide a seamless, accessible, and efficient experience for its valued customers.

Point B

The job were defined

In 2 weeks after the client has come, we audited the source code of both mobile & web solutions. From the other side, deployment infrastructure including cloud settings, SQL database, Nginx configuration etc., were analysed as well.

As the company had been audited, we defined the next timeline of implementation:

  • 1. Optimizing Backend Performance (2 weeks):
  • Expand available networks to utilize second-generation mobile networks.
  • Streamline network requests to enhance app availability in areas with medium and low internet coverage.
  • 2. Optimizing Mobile Stack (6 weeks):
  • Revise screen layouts to accommodate specialized phones with screen sizes under 6 inches, ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • Adapt the application to support low-end smartphones, addressing issues such as button visibility on devices like Huawei Honor 8.
  • Optimize layouts to improve rendering speed on low-end smartphones by reducing unnecessary elements and adopting a "flat layout" approach.
  • Redesign navigation for a better user experience, accounting for various error scenarios.
  • Optimize the integration with the MapBox map service to enhance performance on budget-friendly smartphones.
  • 3. Supporting Client's Development Team (5 weeks):
  • Conduct a comprehensive refactoring of the application's architecture to enhance functionality and facilitate debugging and support.
  • Refactor the interaction between model-view layers by reorganizing logic components.
  • Implement unit tests for the refactored code and establish practical test execution practices to bolster fault tolerance during development.
  • Refactor the application to adhere to best engineering coding practices, promoting high-quality and readable code.
  • Continuously monitor the Firebase Crashlytics service to promptly address incidents and errors.

After our client accepted the timeline, we've started working with Agile-like 2 weeks sprints.

The Impact of our efforts

Our engagement with Agrotech Company's mobile and web applications has yielded significant improvements across various aspects of the project. Here's an overview of the key enhancements we've successfully implemented:

1. Improved Functionality of the Mobile App: Through meticulous optimization and code refinement, we've enhanced the overall functionality of Agrotech Company's mobile app. The bigger part of success there was reached by optimizing backend SQL database scheme, REST API response time, Android app caching introduction & profiling.

2. Resolving Visual Errors in Map Operations: We've addressed and rectified visual errors that were previously affecting the application's map functionalities like map drawing artifacts, unoptimized maps tiles loading, a lack of caching. Users can now rely on accurate and error-free map interactions.

3. Fixing Connectivity Issues on Older Android Devices: We've diligently tackled connectivity issues that were particularly troublesome on older Android devices. Such issues were connected to specific SSL builds on some old Android firmwares, so we solved it by including custom OpenSSL dynamic library inside of the application package.

4. Updating Libraries and Build Tools: To address and resolve existing issues, we've updated key libraries and build tools used in the application. This proactive approach ensures that the app remains robust and up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

5. Introducing CI/CD Support for Unit Testing: We've implemented a robust CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipeline that supports the execution of unit tests. It make new features Q&A acceptance for 3 times faster!

6. Optimizing Azure Response Time: By fine-tuning the Azure infrastructure, we've significantly reduced response times across various regions. This optimization ensures that users around the world experience swift and responsive interactions with the application.

These achievements reflect our unwavering commitment to enhancing Agrotech Company's mobile and web applications. Our team's dedication to excellence and our relentless pursuit of improvement have led to these tangible enhancements, marking a significant step forward in delivering exceptional value to both Agrotech Company and its valued customers.

Use of GIS maps for a production forecast in the app.

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